Picking the Best Bread Machines

There are a lot of differences when you are looking at bread machines.

Maybe you are just looking for small loaves of bread instead of a larger loaf that will feed a family.

Or an all-in-one machine that not only makes bread but that you can make yogurt and jam in.

How many people are going to be fed off a loaf of bread? Family of five or more, or a family of two?

Do you have a lot of room for keeping it on your counter? Or does it need to be light enough that you can easily move it into storage?

When you bake in a bread machine, all of your bread will be the same basic shape since there is only one loaf pan that can be used.

Our machine has 19 different settings. If that sounds too complicated for you then that is something to keep in mind and look for one with fewer settings and less complicated.

You can also think about things like: - Gluten-Free Options - Delayed Start

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