Approved Canning Methods

There are various methods and recipes for canning foods. Make sure you use approved canning methods to keep everyone safe.

One thing we know is that you need particularly high temperatures for a certain length of time to destroy bacteria, especially with acidic foods.

Foods that should be canned using a pressure canner include: – Asparagus – Corn – Meat – Fish – Potatoes – Carrots -- and MORE!

These are just some of the low-acid foods for which you'll need a pressure canner.

Some foods do just fine when simmered in a hot water bath.

This works okay for high-acid foods, such as the following: – Berries – Tomatoes – Citrus fruits – Pineapple – Cucumber pickles (the vinegar in the recipe makes the food very acidic)

Which method works best with which food, though, is an extremely significant issue to consider, as incorrect methods can lead to spoilage, unsafe foods, or wasted time and money.

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