Chicken Coop Must Haves 8 All Together!

Here are some things that your chicken coop must haves for happy, productive chickens. Happy productive chickens give you delicious eggs.

Let's cover what you need to have to think about when building or buying your chicken coop.

How much space do chickens need? They need 3-5 square feet of space for a regular-sized chicken.

Coop Size

A general size for nesting boxes is 12’x12′ and you want enough boxes so that there is 1 for every 3 laying hens.

Nesting Box

There are a number of different things you can use as nesting boxes: – 5-gallon buckets on their sides – milk crates – re-purposed shelves or dressers

A Place to Roost

Not all chickens can fly, so know your breed when you plan your roosts. Chickens like to be up in the air and do not sleep on the ground.

Check it for any areas that your coop may allow other animals in.

Safe and Secure

Ventilation is important to create airflow and allow the “soiled air” out and fresh air in.

Chicken Coop Needs Ventilation

Make sure that you have your coop protected from the weather. Rain and wind aren't blowing in getting your birds and bedding wet.

Weather Proof

Free-range, pastured, or in a run? How are your chickens going to spend their outside time?

Room to Run

We keep all food and water outside of the coop. There are a number of different styles of waterers and feeders.

Food and Water