Make Money on A Small Homestead

You most definitely can make money on a small homestead if you want to, and you put in the work to do so.


You can sell both farm fresh or hatching eggs.


This is my biggest spring and summer income stream that comes directly from our homestead.

Backyard Plant Nursery

House plants are popular with everyone. Plant some extras veggies or fruits that you are starting for yourself.

Make Soap

Once you have a bit of practice, it’s easy enough to churn out enough handmade soap to bring in a tidy sum. Have goats? Make goat’s milk soap!

Sell Baked Goods

Some things are going to net you more profit than others. Some ideas to get you started: – Caramel and Brownies – Cinnamon Raisin Bread – Homemade Caramel – Homemade Candy – Cinnamon Rolls – Caramel Apples – Candy Apples – Cake Pops – Cupcakes – Brownies – Muffins – Cookies – Fudge

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