Microwave Pumpkin Seed Recipe

Pumpkin seeds are a perfect snack to have while watching your favorite fall movie or for your kids to munch on when they are “bored”.

Before you throw away those pumpkin seeds you carved out of your Jack-O-Lantern this year, think twice! There is good dietary benefit in those seeds, not to mention a yummy snack even the kids will love.

Separate the seeds from all the stringing pumpkin meat. You’ll need to do this fairly quickly because once you’ve let them sit and they’ve gotten too dry, they will be harder to clean.

Once your pumpkin seeds are completely clean, put them on a waxed paper cookie sheet to dry. You’ll leave them to dry overnight.

Now that your pumpkin seeds are prepared, let’s get to the actual cooking of them. Here is a microwave recipe for you.

Place salted butter in a microwavable rectangular baking dish and heat for about 30 seconds.

Place seeds into the pan and toss through the melted butter. Spread the seeds out evenly into one layer on the bottom of the dish.

Microwave on high for about 8 minutes or until seeds are a light golden color.

Make sure you stir the seeds every couple of minutes while in the microwave to prevent burning.

You can store any leftovers of your pumpkin seeds in airtight containers at room temperature for up to 3 months.

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