How to on Raising Healthy Quail

Coturnix quail hardy little birds, requiring a small foot-print. There really isn't a lot that is involved in raising healthy quail.

My experience in raising Coturnix quail has been great. They are such hardy little birds, they require such a small footprint on our property.

What your quail need: – clean, fresh water daily – protein-rich food – quail require 21% to 25%, chicks need closer to 30% – ensure that food is not moldy – do not overcrowd their pen/enclosure

Quail are small, tasty, little birds that are easy prey for sneaky predators. Whether you are building an indoor hutch or an outdoor run, pay special attention to ensure all nooks and crannies are addressed and eliminated.

Quail require a high level of protein. We buy wild game food.

There are other treats that they enjoy too, just make sure that they are not a replacement for the feed that they need. – banana – cucumber seeds – soft peaches – scratch grains

We have always had our birds in cages with at least two solid sides for a windbreak. You can also give them a house to take shelter in if they decide to use it.

Make sure they always have access to water, but in the summer it is even more important!

Quail truly are easy to care for. Yes, we have had issues here and there, but when you raise animals you are going to come across and have issues here and there.

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