Using Quail Eggs on Your Homestead

Are you wondering how in the world you go about using quail eggs? They are small. Between 10-14g.

If you haven’t heard yet, quail eggs are just as great as chicken eggs and can be substituted any time a recipe calls for chicken eggs.

Boiling them only takes about 3 minutes instead of 12 for a large egg. One-bite deviled eggs or pickled quail eggs are among the top choices!

For their size, quail eggs have large yolks and because many of the nutrients in eggs are found in the yolk, some people claim that these eggs are more nutrient-dense than chicken eggs.

If you have never tried a pickled egg, you should give it a go.  It seems like pickled quail eggs could be a perfect way to start!

For any recipe that calls for chicken eggs, you can use quail eggs. Whether you are baking, scrambling them, or frying them.

Cracking raw quail eggs can be difficult. Using a sharp serrated knife or special quail egg scissors is the easiest way to crack an egg.

Remember that any time you use quail eggs as an alternative ingredient to regular eggs, you should use three to four of them instead of one standard chicken egg.

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