Caring for Quail Chicks

Despite our plans, we ended up getting quail after getting chickens and we quickly saw the difference between the two, even as day-old chicks.

Quail Brooder

You want the brooder temperature preheated before moving them to the brooder. The temperature should be at about 95.5F. You can start to lower the temperature of the brooder by 5 degrees each week.

They require a very high protein food, a non-medicated starter crumb of 24% protein or higher.

They are tiny and not so smart birds.  They will drown in their water it you don't have something small enough for them to not fall in.

They will crawl in feeders that are too big for them, get stuck, and they will die. I usually give them a base with no top for a feeder.

Quail have a shorter lifespan and this makes for everything about them to be sped up a little in their development. Laying eggs between 6-9 weeks, if not earlier.