Chicken Breeds for Beginners

Picking the right chicken breeds for beginners can be the difference between thoroughly enjoying every moment with your chickens.

Orpington Chickens

They are large with a quiet disposition and they lay large brown eggs.

Wyandotte Chickens

The Wyandotte is a large, heavy bird. The roosters will weigh around 8-9lb, while the hens will weigh in around 6-7lb.


Standard Brahmas are very large and can be intimating for children and people nervous around birds.

Speckled Sussex

This breed is very gentle but they are known to be noisier than other breeds so they may not be the best choice for backyard chickens if you have neighbors who don’t want to hear your birds.

White Leghorn

If you’re looking for the best breed for laying eggs this is the one, laying 4+ eggs a week.

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