Chicken Coop Must Haves

Building your coop for the first time is exciting. Here are some things that your chicken coop must-haves for happy, productive chickens.

They need 3-5 square feet of space for a regular-sized chicken.

A general size for nesting boxes is 12’x12′ and you want enough boxes so that there is 1 for every 3 laying hens.

Chickens like to be up in the air and do not sleep on the ground.

Check it for any areas that your coop may allow other animals in.

Chickens need a well-ventilated coop, not a drafty coop, there is a difference.

Just like you want to keep it predator-proof, and have ventilation make sure that you have your coop protected from the weather.

Your chicken coop run should be 8 square feet per chicken!

I recommend a hanging waterer so that your chickens are knocking it over, you can also get hanging feeders too that prevent your chickens from standing in it, pooping in it, etc.

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