Choosing the Right Incubator

Choosing the right egg incubator is the first step in incubating eggs. Even before picking out the best eggs to incubate.

When you think of the size of the incubator that you are buying don't just think about how many eggs it is going to hold, but also think of the footprint the incubator will be taking up.

I recommend starting small and going from there.

How Much Can You See? I did not think about this when we bought our incubator.

How Easy is it to Clean? You need to be able to give your incubator a good cleaning in between hatches.

Ability to Measuring Temperature and Humidity

Some incubators come with egg turners, and others you need to buy that separately if that is something you want.

What are you planning to hatch in your incubator? Not all incubators are going to come with turner devices that are suitable for all types of eggs.

There are many options to pick from basic, homemade incubator to, at the other, a large cabinet machine that will hold anything up to 580 eggs and is completely automated.

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