Winter Chicken

for Chicken Coops

Deep Litter Method

First-time chicken owners always worry about winter chicken coop bedding and keeping their birds warm enough in the middle of winter.

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It is really easy once you realize just how simple it is. It's actually less work in the winter than during the summer when you are trying to keep them cooler.

Consider practicing the Deep Litter Method, a great example of working smarter, not harder. This is where winter coop maintenance can be easier in the summer.

Simply layer the floor of your coop with pine shavings, and periodically rake the chicken waste into the bedding mix.

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Once a week, add a layer of fresh pine shavings to the top.

Microbes cut down on harmful bacteria, and can also help prevent mite and lice infestations in the coop.  What's happening is the composting organic matter generates much-needed heat in the wintertime.

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