First 6 Weeks of Raising Chicks

You need to be prepared for raising chicks, the first 6 weeks of raising chicks can be easy with the right tools and knowledge.

What you need for raising chicks for the first six weeks: – a brooder – heat lamp or heating plate – thermometer – waterer – feeder

It is very important to use bedding that will prevent your chicks from slipping and getting slayed legs. 

I prefer to hang my chick feed and waterer, just barely off the ground, off the shavings.

But it is important to use warm, room-temperature, water. You don’t want to shock warm little bodies with cold water.

Pick your heating source. A heat lamp or a heating plate. 

If they’re huddled up together under the lamp, they’re too cold. If they’re trying to stay as far away from the heat as they can, they’re too warm.

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