How to Homestead with Kids

Homesteading with them alongside us instead of just being there. This way they are learning life skills, and how to be self-reliant.

Homesteading for us is a lifestyle of greater self-sufficiency through subsistence agriculture, and home preservation of foodstuffs.

Give Your Kids A Job

Just chores around the house and chores and jobs around the yard are important

This is easier once your kids start to get older and learn to be more independent.

Set Priorities

Time Management & Routine

I still struggle with time management every day.

Let your kids help out as much as they are able. It might take longer for them to complete the task but think about the sense of pride they'll feel and the skills they'll learn.

Quiet evening time. The evenings are for relaxing. Whether it is a family movie night, or the kids watching TV, us sitting around reading, etc.

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