How Fast Baby Chicks Grow

From fluffy yellow balls of down to fully feathered chickens in just a matter of weeks, it's amazing how quickly baby chicks grow.

But did you know that baby chicks also grow incredibly quickly? In fact, in just six short weeks, they can go from tiny, helpless hatchlings to fully-feathered young birds.

The first couple days of a chick's life are crucial for their growth and development.

By the end of the first week they'll  start to develop their wings and tail feathers, which will help them to fly and balance as they grow older.

As the second week begins, the chicks will continue to grow rapidly. They'll start to scratch the ground searching for feed.

At about six weeks, they'll be ready to move to their permanent home outside.

If you're thinking about raising chickens, be prepared for a wild ride of growth, discovery, and lots of adorable moments with your feathered friends.

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