How to Store Eggs for Winter

Chickens naturally take a break from laying eggs in the winter months. There are a number of ways you can preserve eggs from then such as water glassing eggs.

Our first winter our chickens were in their first year of laying so there was no big break in laying, but we didn't have a lot of them and had to buy the odd dozen eggs here and there.

Last autumn I took a slight preventive step and water glassed some eggs. I ended up with about four dozen eggs. I didn't have to buy any eggs, YAY!

You cannot water glass store-bought eggs. Washing your eggs will destroy the bloom coating, which will allow the lime to enter the egg during the water glassing process.

The bloom coating is then sealed in place by the water and lime mixture during water glassing, leaving you with eggs ready for storage in your pantry.

You do not have to collect all your eggs the same day you make the water-glassing solution. You can add eggs as you gather them.

What you need:

– Airtight Container (Glass Jar or Food Grade Bucket) – Kitchen Scale (for measuring the pickling lime) – Pickling Lime – Water (Natural or Distilled: must be chlorine-free and fluoride-free) – Eggs (Fresh, Clean, Unwashed)

How to Water Glass Eggs Mix Water and Pickling Lime (1-quart water to 1-ounce lime ratio). In your chosen container, add a ratio of 1-quart water and 1-ounce lime. 

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