Tips and Suggestions for Freezing Herbs

Inside: Here are some tips for preserving herbs: you'll be confidently freezing herbs! Unlock flavorful possibilities today.

If you grow your herbs or have a green thumb, what do you do with all of your fresh herbs when they start to go bad? You could dry them, but an easy solution is to freeze them. Freezing herbs is a great way to preserve them so that you can use them later.

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Freezing Herbs

You have probably thought of dried herbs if you've thought of preserving them, and drying works well.

But freezing is another great way to preserve herbs, and some say frozen herbs are superior in flavor to dried ones. You also don't have to worry about mold or insects infesting your frozen herbs.

Frozen herbs do tend to act and taste more like fresh herbs in recipes, and you don't need to thaw them before use unless you're putting them in something raw, like a salad.

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When to Harvest Your Herbs

Herbs are best harvested when they are at their peak. Cut them when they are not wilted, brown, or spent from flowering. Sources agree that cutting them in the morning is best. Use sharp scissors so you don't mash the stem.

To Wash or Not to Wash Your Herbs

If you've grown your herbs yourself and you know there were no chemicals sprayed on them, then you don't necessarily have to wash them. Some experts say that washing them harms the flavor, but you don't need to worry about a “loss” of flavor when your herbs are that fresh.

However, if you've gathered your herbs from an area where spraying has or may have occurred, rinsing them well and patting them dry first is a good idea. If you want to make sure there is no dirt or insects on your chemical-free herbs, then you can always briefly swish them in a pan of water and pat them dry.

I don't wash or rinse ours. The majority of them are grown in pots right beside my front steps.

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Tips and Suggestions on Freezing Herbs

Stem On

One way to freeze herbs is simply to put entire sprigs in a single layer in a Ziploc plastic bag, suck the air out with a straw, and seal. When you want to use them, simply break or cut off a piece and chop it, then re-seal the bag.

This would work well with herbs where you use the stem in addition to the leaves, such as parsley.


Leaves Only

For herbs where the stem is tough and woody or you just prefer to use only the leaves, cutting the leaves off prior to freezing works well, too.

You might want to use small freezer bags to freeze the leaves so you can avoid opening and re-sealing a large bag too often.

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If you like, you can chop your herbs first. Place the chopped pieces into ice cube trays, add a bit of boiling water, and freeze. Then pop them out of the trays and freeze them in Ziploc bags. Add a cube or two to soups and stews.

You can also freeze them in a little bit of cooking oil in a similar manner as with water. Then you have ready-to-go seasoned oil for your cooking and frying needs

Freezing herbs is a great way to preserve them for later use. They will last for months in the freezer, and you can use them as you need them. This is a great way to save money and time, and it's also a great way to get the most out of your herbs.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it better to freeze basil or dry it? You can dry it or freeze it, but freezing retains the fresh taste better. Before you start, wash basil in cold water and dry; a salad spinner works well for this step.

    Can herbs go bad in the freezer? It's recommended that you use the herbs within 6 months after having frozen them.

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