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Raising Animals

Explore the joys of small-scale animal husbandry! Learn about raising chickens, quail, and turkeys for a rewarding homesteading experience.

Growing Food

Experience the satisfaction of growing your own food! Small-scale gardening for a bountiful harvest on your homestead.

Homemade Goodness

Explore delicious recipes, natural cleaners, and food preservation techniques for a wholesome homestead lifestyle.

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We are a family of five, passionate about living a small-scale homesteading lifestyle. For us, that means raising chickens and quailgardening our own food, and learning how to live more sustainably.

Indulge in homemade goodness! Explore gardening, delicious recipes, and food preservation techniques for a wholesome homestead lifestyle.

Embrace the rhythm of nature. Experience the joys of a slow homesteading life, where simplicity, sustainability, and serenity harmonize.

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Tips for Starting A Homestead

You don’t need to move to a farm to start a homestead. Start growing your own food and preserve it and then start to pick up other valuable skills.


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