Little Red Acres came is about us learning and starting to homestead on our small half-acre lot of land in Nova Scotia, Canada. After wanting chickens for years and living in communities where you are not allowed to have any we bought our first chicks and they were a stepping stone to more and more birds.

Chicken coop

About Us

We are a family of five. We have been becoming more independent, doing more on our own, and part of that is raising chickens for eggs. Just to get started.

Blake – Salesman. Builder of my dreams. He builds all our chicken coops from what we have around. The poles are from the woods and give our chicken runs a great look that I love.

Ashley – The writer. I do all the writing and chicken raising, I have become addited to our chickens. Chicken Math is real people!

Our kids – We have 3 kids – Austin who is 12 and already has her own flock of silkie chickens. Brookland who is 10. Gauge who is 7.

Join Us on Our Adventure

  • Join us as we start this new adventure of homesteading. We are starting small with chickens and quail
  • We are working on updating our small house after having it as a rental property for almost eight years.
  • We are continuing to homeschool our kids which you can read more about at We have been homeschooling for 6 years now.
  • Stick around to see what other animals we’ll be adding to our homestead.