About Us

Little Red Acres is all about us learning and starting a homestead on our small half-acre lot of land in Nova Scotia, Canada. After wanting chickens for years and living in communities where you are not allowed to have any we bought our first chicks and they were a stepping stone to more and more freedom.

unfinished chicken coop

About Us

We are a family of five, passionate about living a small-scale homesteading lifestyle. For us, that means raising chickens and quail, gardening our own food, and learning how to live more sustainably.

We take great joy in the process of growing things, both literally and figuratively. Every day brings something new and exciting as we discover what it means to create a life that is truly our own. It's an amazing experience that we are excited to share with others!

Who knows what we'll start next!

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Blake – Salesman. Builder of my dreams. He builds all our chicken coops from what we have around. We have recently bought a sawmill to mill all our own lumber for future plans.

Ashley – The writer. I do all the writing and chicken raising, and I have become addicted to our chickens and quail. Chicken Math is real people! We have four chicken coops now, each with a different breed living the high life.

Our kids – We have 3 kids – Austin who is 14 and 4has her own flock of Silkie chickens. Brookland who is 12 and raising a small flock of Belgian D'uccle chickens. Gauge is 9 and has a beta fish.


Join Us on Our Adventure

  • Join us on our adventure of homesteading. We started small with chickens and quail… gave turkeys a try too, what's next? Who knows!
  • We are working on updating our small house after having it as a rental property for almost eight years.
  • We are continuing to homeschool our kids which you can read more about at SeasonalHomeschooling.com. We have been homeschooling for 9 years now.
  • Stick around to see what other animals we'll be adding to our homestead. (Hint: it has four legs.)

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