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Treats for Chickens in Summer

Do you give your chickens treats in the summer? This is the time of year where my chicken’s get a lot of extra treats. Mainly because we grow a lot but also because it’s a nice to give them treats as a thank you for all the eggs they lay. Treats for chickens can be as simple as you’d like.

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Treats for Chickens in Summer

Many fruits and vegetables are enjoyed by chickens and can be added to a list of cool treats chickens love. In my flock, watermelon and frozen peas are favorites.

Frozen corn is a big favorite treat for chickens around here. You can open a can or a bag of frozen corn for them to enjoy it the way it is, or you can make them a frozen corn treat easily enough. by mixing water and corn in a pan or form and freezing it. You chickens will love this treat on a hot day.

Watermelon cools off people, animals and chickens! We enjoy some ourselves while throwing large chunks into the chicken run. And we also throw our watermelon rinds in for them.

A lot of chickens also enjoy cooling herbs like mint. My chicken’s haven’t gotten that memo apparently. A snack of fresh chopped mint floating in a shallow pan of water is a cooling treat most chickens love.

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Berries. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc. Use the strawberry tops from your kitchen compost too. I chop them or throw the tops in whole.

Fruits. Mango, peaches, apples, and other fruits with cores and pits should have the cores removed before giving them to your chickens.

Grow fodder. I grow fodder for all my birds during the spring and summer. It is simple, cheap, and a treat chickens love. You can grow it in pans and give them the whole thing or break it up making it last a little longer. Both chickens and quail love it!

If you don’t free range, your chickens will love any weeds you pull from your garden too! Just make sure you have anything mixed in that your chicken’s shouldn’t have – tomato and pepper plants for example. If you don’t love your yard, you can also dig up some sod from your yard to give them.

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