Medicinal Herbs for Chickens

Herbs are a great way to boost your chicken's health and well-being. There are many different medicinal herbs for chickens, and each has its own unique benefits. The best part is you can grow everything yourself, and herbs don't take up a lot of room in your garden.

Herbs for Your Birds

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Medicinal Herbs for Chickens

Some of the most popular herbs for chickens include lavender, rosemary, and thyme. These herbs can help to improve your chicken's digestion, circulation, and immunity.

You can give the herbs to your chickens fresh for eating by either hanging a bunch and letting them pick at them, or by mixing them into their feed.

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Another option is to use herbs as chicken aromatherapy by hanging aromatic herbs in bunches around the coop, mixing them into their dust bath, or sprinkling them in the nest box.

As much as I love using herbs with my flock, they are not a replacement for good chicken husbandry. Think of them as an additional, important tool to help keep my chickens happy and healthy naturally.

Hanging mint around your coop alone does not make for an effective pest management system, but it can be part of it.

Feeding your chickens oregano does not replace good quality feed, but it can be part of a high-quality diet.

Adding mint & lavender to your next boxes or coops doesn’t mean you can get away with not cleaning them, but it will make them smell better between cleanings.

Choosing Herbs for Chickens

Herbs that are definitely on the “good” list include oregano, thyme, parsley, mint, lavender, and so many more. Here is some information to get you started.


Mint has the capacity to cool the body down, so it is perfect for summertime. The minty scent also has a calming effect on the mind, so it makes a great inclusion in nesting boxes or dust-bathing spots.

Mint can act as a natural insect and rodent deterrent because they dislike the strong smell.


Aside from oregano's antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, oregano comes with beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It promotes a healthy immune system and respiratory system, as well.


A popular herb to soothe anxieties, lavender is a soothing choice for freshening your living space. The aroma of lavender is pleasant to humans and chickens, but insects do not enjoy it, which makes it repellent to bugs. Place lavender into the coop to create a calm environment for you and the birds to be in.

Herbs for Your Birds


Thyme can be used to fight respiratory illnesses and has antibacterial and antibiotic properties. By adding it to your cat's food, it can make them as healthy as possible.


Parsley is much more than just a piece of garnish; it is high in nutrients, and it's beneficial to include in your chicken coop and runs. In addition to supplying a nice vitamin boost, it will improve blood vessel proliferation and help to increase laying activity, too.

When choosing herbs for your chickens, it is important to consider the chicken's age, the climate, and what you are trying to achieve. However, there are many other herbs that can be used depending on your specific needs. With a little research, you can find the perfect herbs to keep your chickens healthy and happy.

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