Chickens that Lay Green Eggs

There is a whole other world of egg colors for you to explore, starting with green eggs.

Learn about the breeds, genetics, and fun ways to use these colorful eggs in your cooking. These birds lay beautiful green eggs.

One of the most popular breeds that lay green eggs is the Araucana.

Another breed that lays green eggs is the Ameraucana.

The Easter Egger is another “breed” that can lay green eggs.

Isbar hens lay between 150 and 200 beautiful green eggs, in several shades per year on average.

Favacuana is a crossbreed between a couple of great chicken breeds: the Favorelle (which makes brown eggs) and the Ameraucana (which makes blue eggs), this results in a chicken that lays a beautiful sage green egg.

The Olive Eggers is another cross between other breeds of chicken.

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