Chickens that Lay Green Eggs

If you grew up on store eggs then you might think eggs only come in white or brown. But there is a whole other world of egg colors for you to explore, starting with green eggs. There are certain chickens that you will want to raise to have chickens that lay green eggs.

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Chickens that Lay Green Eggs

Learn about the breeds, genetics, and fun ways to use these colorful eggs in your cooking. These birds lay beautiful green eggs.

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There are several breeds of chickens that produce eggs with green or blue shells, instead of the usual white or brown. Some people LOVE them. Some people do not.

If you grew up on store eggs then you might not know there are green eggs. And some people are uncomfortable buying colored eggs. While it might seem odd to you, to me it shows a lack of understanding about where our food comes from.

Chicken Breeds that Lay Green Eggs


One of the most popular breeds that lay green eggs is the Araucana. This breed is native to Chile and is known for its distinctive blue or green eggs. The color of the eggshell is determined by a pigment called oocyanin, which is deposited on the eggshell as it passes through the oviduct.


Another breed that lays green eggs is the Ameraucana. This breed is similar to the Araucana but has a wider range of color variations, including blue, green, and sometimes even pink or lavender.

Easter Egger

The Easter Egger is another “breed” that can lay green eggs. They are actually a mixed breed of several breeds, including the Araucana and Ameraucana, and can lay eggs in various colors, including green.

These birds can be bred specifically to get different colors. This includes light-colored to dark-colored eggs.

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Isbar hens lay between 150 and 200 beautiful green eggs, in several shades per year on average. Some even have brown speckles.

This breed of chickens comes in blue, black, and splash colors and weighs between 5-7 pounds. With a pleasant temperament, Isbars are great for homesteads with children.


Favacuana is a crossbreed between a couple of great chicken breeds: the Favorelle (which makes brown eggs) and the Ameraucana (which makes blue eggs), this results in a chicken that lays a beautiful sage green egg.

Olive Eggers

The Olive Eggers is another cross between other breeds of chicken. Olive Eggers come from mixing a blue egg layer, such as the Cream Legbar, Ameraucana, or Araucana with a brown egg layer such as Marans or Welsumer. They love, you guessed it, gorgeous olive eggs.

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Why Colored Eggs?

Why do some chickens lay green eggs? It all comes down to genetics. These breeds of chickens have a unique gene that affects the color of the eggshell, resulting in green or blue eggs instead of the usual white or brown.

Do green eggs taste different than white or brown eggs? No. The color of the eggshell doesn't affect the taste or nutritional value of the egg. Green eggs are just as nutritious and delicious as any other eggs.

Having a few chickens that lay green eggs can add some variety and fun to your egg collection. There are many homesteaders who have layers that lay all the colors, they get to collect a rainbow of egg colors. If I didn't love my feathers-legged chickens so much, I'd be chasing that rainbow too.

Chickens that lay green eggs are real, and they are a fascinating and fun addition to any backyard flock. If you're thinking of getting chickens, consider adding one of these breeds to your flock and enjoy the colorful eggs they produce.

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