Chickens that Lay Large Brown Eggs

When it comes to poultry farming and backyard chicken keeping, the egg-laying capabilities of chickens are often a significant factor to consider. If you're in search of chickens that produce large brown eggs, you're in luck!

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Chickens that Lay Large Brown Eggs

So, whether you're an aspiring chicken farmer or a backyard enthusiast, let's explore some of the popular chicken breeds known for their large, brown egg-laying prowess.

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Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island Red is a classic breed that has long been favored by poultry keepers for its exceptional egg-laying abilities. These medium to large-sized birds are known for their hardiness, adaptability, and friendly nature.

Rhode Island Reds are dependable layers of large brown eggs, often averaging around 200 to 300 eggs per year.


The Orpington breed, originally developed in England, is highly regarded for its dual-purpose nature. Not only do these chickens make excellent meat birds, but they also lay an abundance of large, brown eggs. Orpingtons have a docile temperament, making them suitable for families and beginner chicken keepers.

With an average annual egg production of around 180 to 200 eggs, these birds are consistent layers of beautiful brown eggs.

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock, also known as Barred Rocks, are a popular breed among backyard chicken enthusiasts. These birds are prized for their versatility, as they are not only great egg producers but also have good meat qualities.

Plymouth Rocks are known to lay large brown eggs regularly, with an average of 200 to 280 eggs per year. With their striking black and white barred feather pattern, they also add aesthetic appeal to any flock.


The Sussex breed is known for its dual-purpose capabilities and exceptional egg production. With their gentle disposition and attractive feather patterns, Sussex chickens are a favorite among many poultry enthusiasts.

These birds are reliable layers of large brown eggs, averaging around 200 to 250 eggs per year.

Black Australorp

The Black Australorp is well-adapted to both warm and cool climates, thanks to its ample feathering and relatively large size, enabling them to endure even the harshest environmental conditions. These resilient chickens, with their robust build, can reach weights of up to 8 pounds, making them an excellent choice for those seeking quality meat birds.

They lay 250-300 large, light brown eggs each year, which is good news for any egg enthusiasts!

Standard Brahma Rooster


These guys and gals hold a special place in my heart, I love my Brahmas and their amazing temperaments.

These large birds have a characteristic shaggy look, with muffs and beards surrounding their faces. They have big feathered feet that add to their overall impressive size.

They are hardy birds that can withstand cold weather and winter better than most other breeds. Brahmas come in light, dark, and buff varieties, all with healthy, thick plumage.

As you can imagine, they were initially bred for their meat but have recently transitioned to be a dual-purpose or egg-specific breed.

Most Brahma hens will grace you with over 200 large brown eggs a year.

Copper Maran

Egg color can also be cyclical – at the beginning of the laying season, you will get very dark brown eggs, but the color will have lightened considerably by the end.

On average, a hen will give you around 3 eggs/week, which works out to around 150-200 eggs/year.

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If you're seeking chickens that lay large brown eggs, there are several breeds to consider. From the classic Rhode Island Reds to the docile Brahmas, each breed brings its unique characteristics to the table.

Whether you're looking to start a small backyard flock or expand your existing one, these breeds will provide you with a consistent supply of delicious and visually appealing eggs.

Choose the breed that suits your needs, and enjoy the joy of collecting these magnificent brown eggs from your own coop!

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