Chickens that Lay Medium Sized Eggs

Inside: Here are 11 chicken breeds that lay medium-sized eggs. These breeds are perfect for homesteads and culinary creations alike.

In the world of egg production, there is a wide variety of chicken breeds to choose from. Each breed offers its unique qualities, including egg size, flavor, and production capacity. For homesteaders or backyard chicken keepers looking for the perfect balance between large and small eggs, chickens that lay medium sized eggs might be the ideal choice.

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Chickens that Lay Medium Sized Eggs

Here are some of the more popular chicken breeds known for their medium eggs. Whether you prefer brown or white eggs or something with a little more color, there's a breed to suit your needs and preferences.

Chickens that lay medium-sized eggs offer a versatile option for those who appreciate a balanced combination of yolk and egg white. These eggs provide advantages in terms of versatility, portion control, balanced flavor, eggshell strength, adaptability, and ease of handling.

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Popular Chicken Breeds That Lay Medium Eggs

These eggs are going to fit in egg cartons or egg storage containers better than other eggs. Large eggs can get broken in them, and small eggs can be impossible to get back out of egg cartons, I speak from multiple bad experiences.

Rhode Island Red

This classic American breed is known for its hardiness and prolific egg-laying capabilities. Rhode Island Reds are consistent producers of medium-sized brown eggs. These eggs are known for their rich, flavorful yolks and strong shells.

Plymouth Rock (Barred Rock)

These chickens are not only friendly and easy to handle but also known for laying medium to large brown eggs.

Barred Rock chicken in grass


Sussex chickens are a favorite among backyard chicken keepers. They lay medium-sized white eggs that are prized for their exceptional flavor and creamy texture.


Australorps are famous for their remarkable egg production. They consistently lay medium to large brown eggs.


Orpingtons are known for their friendly disposition and beautiful plumage. They lay medium to large brown eggs with a delightful taste.

Easter Egger

These unique chickens lay medium-sized eggs with a twist – they come in various pastel shades of blue, green, and sometimes pink. Easter Eggers not only add a pop of color to your egg basket, but also your flock as they are truly beautiful birds.


Wyandottes are a popular breed known for their beautiful feather patterns and their ability to produce medium-sized brown eggs.

New Hampshire Red

This breed is closely related to the Rhode Island Red and shares similar qualities, including the production of medium-sized brown eggs. New Hampshire Reds are hardy and dependable layers.

the best Chicken Breeds for beginners - two bantam brahma hens

Bantam Brahma

While considered a bantam, they are a bantam of a huge breed. They lay a light brown medium sized egg.


Delaware chickens are dual-purpose birds that lay medium to large brown eggs.

Whether you're an aspiring chef, a home cook, or a backyard chicken keeper, consider adding chickens that lay medium-sized eggs to your flock. With their versatility and balanced flavor, you'll have the perfect eggs for all your culinary adventures or sell at your roadside stand.

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    Advantages of Medium Eggs

    Versatility: Medium eggs are the Goldilocks of the egg world – not too big and not too small. They're just right for most recipes, ensuring you have the ideal balance of yolk and egg white, whether you're frying, baking, or making omelets.

    Easier Handling: Medium eggs are generally more manageable when it comes to handling and storage. They require less storage space and fit well in egg cartons and recipes that specify a certain number of eggs.

    Economical Feed Efficiency: Medium-sized egg layers often require less feed than larger breeds, making them more cost-effective to raise.

    Consistent Production: Medium egg layers tend to maintain a steady laying pattern, ensuring a reliable supply of eggs for other purposes, such as hatching or selling.

    Family-Friendly: Medium-sized eggs are ideal for family-sized portions and are often easier for children to handle and collect.

    Hatching and Brooding: Medium egg layers can also be used for hatching and raising chicks, facilitating self-sufficiency and sustainability on the homestead.

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