When Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

It's a wonderful thing when a hen lays an egg usually because you have been waiting and checking the nesting box daily for weeks. If you're curious about when chickens lay eggs and how to ensure a steady supply of these delicious protein nuggets read on to find out!

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When Do Chickens Lay Eggs?

This answer depends on a few factors, including the breed of chickens you have.

How Old are Hens When they Start Laying Eggs?

During ideal day length (14-16 hours of light), summer, hens should begin producing eggs when they are 18- 22 weeks old. There are breeds that will start laying as early as 16 weeks.

One simple way to think about it is that spring chicks will start laying in the fall.

How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay in A Day?

One. Ovulation takes about 24-26 hours. A hen ovulates a new yolk after the last egg was laid. It takes about 26 hours for an egg to form fully (white and shell added), so a hen will lay an egg later and later each day.

Eventually, the hen will lay too late in the day for ovulation to be signaled. She will then skip a day or more before laying another egg.

Helpful Tips on How to Maximize Your Egg Yield

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Peak Times of Egg Production

Maximum egg production is reached during summer days with 16 hours of daylight. Egg production may continue during the spring, fall, and winter when artificial light is supplemented to provide 14 -16 hours of light.

New layers are more likely to lay throughout the autumn and winter. Older hens, a year or more, are going to molt in the autumn going into early winter and cut egg production off during that time as well. This is why I water glass eggs for winter.

How to Store Fresh Eggs

Washing fresh eggs is one of those hotly debated topics that most people seem to be either adamantly for or against. There are reasons to clean fresh chicken eggs so let’s look at the best way to wash them.

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