Chickens that Lay Small Eggs

Inside: Here are 10 unique chicken breeds that lay small, novelty-sized eggs – perfect for the quirky poultry enthusiast. Explore their charm today!

When it comes to poultry farming, most people envision plump, nutritious eggs that are a versatile staple in the kitchen. Not all chickens lay the standard-sized eggs we're accustomed to. Some breeds are known for producing small eggs that, while not as popular, have their own unique qualities.

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Chickens that Lay Small Eggs

Whether you are a seasoned poultry farmer looking to diversify your flock or a curious individual interested in learning more about these specialty chickens, these chickens are perfect if you don't mind a breed that lays small eggs.

After all, chickens that lay smaller eggs are going to be on the smaller size themselves, and might just be the chicken breed that fits your homestead perfectly.

We have more small – medium layers than we do large egg layers. In fact, we have some beautiful lavender Belgian d'Uccles chickens, these small birds lay eggs equal to their size, small!

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The Serama chicken is the smallest breed in the world, and its eggs follow suit. These petite birds are often kept as pets and lay tiny, round eggs that are about the size of a quarter.

Japanese Bantam

The Japanese Bantam is a charming, small breed known for its tiny eggs. These eggs are not ideal for cooking omelets but are popular among collectors and those who appreciate novelty.

Dutch Bantam

The Dutch Bantam lays small eggs with creamy-white shells. While they may not be suitable for large-scale egg production, they are prized for their ornamental qualities.


The Sebright chicken is famous for its lustrous plumage and small eggs. These bantams lay eggs that are significantly smaller than standard chicken eggs, making them more of a curiosity than a primary egg source.

Old English Game

Old English Game chickens lay small to medium-sized eggs, but they are kept primarily for their striking appearance and roles in cockfighting rather than egg production.

Malaysian Serama

The Malaysian Serama, like its cousin the Serama, produces tiny eggs. They are popular in the pet chicken community and often used in competitive events to showcase their diminutive eggs.

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Pekin Bantam

The Pekin Bantam is a delightful, fluffy breed known for its small eggs. These eggs may not be substantial, but their owners love them for their cute appearance and friendly temperament.


Rosecomb chickens have small eggs and are mainly bred for their unique rose-shaped comb. Their eggs are small and are not intended for mass consumption.

Modern Game

The Modern Game chicken breed lays small eggs, but they are primarily bred for their aesthetic appeal. With long, slender legs and a sleek body, they are a favorite among poultry enthusiasts.

Belgian d'Uccle

Belgian d'Uccle

The Belgian d'Uccle, also known as the Mille Fleur, is a bantam breed that lays small eggs. These chickens are prized for their striking feather patterns and gentle disposition.

While these chickens aren't may not be prolific egg layers or suitable for large-scale egg production, they have their own unique appeal.

These breeds are often kept for their ornamental value or as pets rather than as a primary source of eggs. If you're looking to add a touch of novelty to your backyard flock, consider one of these breeds as pets, and enjoy the charming, small eggs they lay as a benefit.

Chickens that lay small eggs may not be the go-to choice for culinary purposes, but they can make for fascinating and delightful additions to any chicken enthusiast's flock.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Small Egg Laying Breeds

    What breed lays small eggs? Any of the bantam-sized breeds will lay eggs that generally are in the peewee to small weight range.

    What would cause a chicken to lay a small egg? Tiny eggs are essentially a reproductive misfire. They occur when an egg is formed by mistake, without a normal yolk inside. These are often called “fairy eggs”.

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