45 Ways to Make Money from Your Homestead

You have established a homestead that you enjoy, but you now have a history of working yourself into the ground just to please it and pay the bills with your day job. Why not look for ways to turn what you are doing to make money from your homestead to cover your bills?

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45 Ways to Make Money While Homesteading

For us making money on the homestead and being self-sufficient means living debt-free, and having modern-day conveniences, but not being dependent on a “paycheck” to come from the job in town. It sounds like it could be a dream, but if you are willing to plan and follow through, then you can make it a reality.

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I am not saying to do all of these. If you try you are going to get burnt out. You'll be overwhelmed. You won't make any money. And then it will all be for nothing.

Instead, look for things from the list you already have experience with. Things that you are already doing and you could also do for a profit.

Start with one idea and then go from there once you have good systems in place.

Easy Ways to Make Money from Your Homestead

How are you going to sell these products or items once you have them? That's a great question!

There are a few different ways to sell that I can think of right off the top of my head: Etsy, farm markets, farm-to-gate, and Facebook groups. And don't forget to share your ideas with your own friends and family members. Make sure that you check out your local cottage food laws to keep yourself protected.

From Your Garden

  • potted plants – house plants, tropical plants
  • seedlings
  • herbs – potted, freshly harvested, dried
  • strawberry plants – they shot off runners all summer!
  • sell pumpkins in the fall
  • plant extra in your garden, sell the extras
  • raise bees – some people pay you to place a hive on their property; sell honey
  • saving and selling seeds

In the Kitchen

fresh herbs

Homemade Crafts

  • anything you can knit or crochet
  • homemade soap
  • homemade beauty products – lip balms & lotions
  • homemade salves
  • make candles
  • make plant markers – so many different styles you could make
  • wreaths

Homestead Land Ideas

  • pet sitting
  • sell eggs- for eating or hatching
  • sell meat birds
  • sell chicks
  • sell pullets – bigger time & money investment
  • raise sheep for meat & wool
  • raise turkeys for Thanksgiving
  • raise rabbits for meat
  • raise pigs – sell by the half or whole
  • raise cattle – sell by the half or whole
  • raise goats – for meat or milk
  • become a responsible breeder of anything you see a need/want for
  • sell fresh cut flowers
  • foraging for profit
  • make maple syrup
  • bug farming
  • mushrooms
  • microgreens
  • cut and sell firewood

Think Outside the Box

There are many things that you as an individual can do to help either supplement your income or completely replace your 9-5 job income and live off of your homestead.

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