Food Dehydrator Recipes for Fruit & Veggies

Why do I love my dehydrator? Let me count the ways. I actually just started using our dehydrator after having it for many many years and it just sitting in a box.

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Dehydrator Recipes

With modern convenience foods available, recipes for dehydrated foods are not always easy to find. The fact is that dehydrated food is the original convenient food, and dehydration is one of the oldest and most versatile food preservation techniques.

There are a large variety of dehydrators available, and the prices span a wide range. Some of the less expensive models are priced at less than $50, while the most expensive ones cost more than $1000 for serious homesteaders and hunters.

For us, it started…

It all started with a greenhouse full of peppers that I wasn’t prepared for. It was our first-year greenhouse gardening and those pepper plants were producing. And it continued with some fruits and all kinds of goodness that we have been enjoying since.

Why Dehydrated Vegetable Keeps Better

Our Recipes

Dehydrating Peppers

Dehydrated Apple Slices

Dehydrated Strawberries & What to Do with Them

Dehydrating Bananas

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