Dehydrated Strawberries & What to Do with Them

Dehydrated strawberries are a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or want to add a pop of flavor to your favorite dish, dehydrating strawberries is a great option.

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Dehydrating Strawberries

Find the softest, ripest strawberries you can get, slice them thinly, and lay them out on your dehydrator tray. Make sure the slices don't touch. Dehydrate at 135F/57C for 6-12 hours.

Until the strawberry slices are crisp and brittle and break when you try to bend them. Store them in an airtight container.

They are super simple to do yourself with the strawberries you picked this year.

The Many Uses of Dehydrated Strawberries

There are literally hundreds of ways you can use dehydrated strawberries as a healthy and tasty addition to food.

Breakfast Time

The best way to use dehydrated strawberries is to add them to almost any breakfast cereal.

There's nothing like rich, creamy milk, crunchy cereal, and sweet, chewy dehydrated strawberries!

They make an excellent addition to bread, especially sweet ones like banana bread. If your bread machine has an “Add” cycle, simply add a quarter of a cup of dehydrated strawberry slices at the proper time. My machine starts beeping when it is time to add things to the dough.

If you make your bread by hand, add the dehydrated strawberry slices to the dry ingredients before adding the wet ones.

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Snack Time

Strawberries also make a delicious addition to any trail mix, whether premade or homemade. Just toss them in with the rest of the ingredients and enjoy.

Dehydrated strawberries can be set out on their own as a snack food at parties. Kids love them! Besides being delicious, dehydrated strawberries are also chock full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

You can also use dehydrated strawberries in cookies and cakes; just add them to the batter as you would for bread.

Try adding strawberries to your favorite foods, either as an ingredient or as a topping. You'll be surprised at how many delightful combinations there are!

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