5 Tips to Homesteading with Kids

Homesteading with kids? Here are so helpful tips to get you through your day. You can make homesteading interesting, and educational, while still maintaining your sanity and providing for your family with your kids with you.

Tips for Homesteading with Kids

5 Tips to Homesteading with Kids

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Explore their Interests

Are your kids interested in learning about worms right now? The best place to find them is in your garden and compost bin/pile. Pulling weeds is a great way to find worms.

Your kids can build or create a worm farm that will allow them to watch their worms at work and learn more about what worms do. This leads us to…

Homesteading with Kids can be Educational

Not everyone who homesteads homeschools, but there are still so many opportunities for your kids to be engaged and learning.

If you have children that are more focused on science then let them test the acidity of your soil with a simple soil test kit.

A worm farm is one way to have them learn, they'll be learning the worms important job of breaking down compost and other plant materials.

If you have a child that is more artistic then give them a camera, or an easel and encourage them to embrace all of the beauty that is found on a homestead.

If you have a child that is more focused on language arts then get them to journal their experience on the homestead. It would be a great way to keep important family memories that they will want as they grow up.

Let Them Use the Tools

Let them dig the holes, rake the soil or leaves. Let them try out the big tools, but also get them their own that are sized perfectly for them. A child-sized wheelbarrow is going to be easier for them to handle than yours.

Get Them in the Kitchen

We love to cook and bake together in our home. The kitchen is where the family gathers. Getting your kids in the kitchen is not only a great way to spend time with them, but they are learning yet another valuable life skill.

For us, baking was the easiest way to start and introduce them to enjoying being in the kitchen. Now they enjoy baking on their own with very little help from us. They are always extremely proud of themselves, and we're just as proud as they are.

Tips for Homesteading with Kids -Cut Them Loose in the Kitchen

Give Your Little Kids a Job

Like I said in How to Homestead with Kids, giving them a job is important. It gives them a role in your homestead.

Basically, you are just giving them chores around the house and chores around the yard. We started small with chores, before we moved to our half-acre, with them taking part in the care of our cats and dogs.

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