Homesteaders’ Bookshelf: Get Started with These Titles

nside: Here are some essential books for new a homesteaders' bookshelf! Gain knowledge, inspiration, and practical skills to thrive in rural living.

When we think about starting something new the very first thing I do is go to the library and check out all the books on that topic. Getting started with your homestead is just one of the topics we have checked books out on.

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Homesteaders' Bookshelf: Get Started with These Titles

We were still living in a small village when we started thinking about and reading about someday having our own homestead. Knowledge is never wasted, and planning is critical for everything I do. I have to have a plan and know how something works before I make a decision.

Getting started with your homestead is a big deal. It requires a lot of thought, from how much land you need to make it happen (we have 1/2 an acre) to what you want to grow (everything we eat), and what animals you want to have.

Our plan was to get quail and some chickens. That was the limit on animals, but I ended up ordering 8 turkeys as well because I like to live a little crazy and the thought of turkey on Thanksgiving got to me, and my stomach. So you know what I did? I read books about all those things.

Books for Getting Started with Homesteading

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