Homestead Money-Making Ideas

Homesteading is a lifestyle choice that many people are opting for nowadays. It allows individuals to live self-sufficiently and sustainably, producing their own food, energy, and other essentials. While homesteading is often associated with living off the land, it can also be a source of income. There are many homestead money-making ideas for you to check out.

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Homestead Money-Making Ideas

Let's chat about some creative and practical ideas for making money from your homestead. Whether you're already living off the land or thinking about starting a homestead, these ideas will help you earn some extra cash while living a fulfilling, sustainable life.

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You cannot do everything on this list. You cannot do half of what is on this list. You'll burn so fast you'll think you're failing, and you will fail because that is too much for a person to deal with. If you are looking for multiple sources of income, pick things that:

  • compliment each other
  • are seasonal – something for each season is do-able
  • you enjoy doing so making money will just be a bonus


  • Sell eggs from your backyard chickens
  • Start a vegetable garden and sell produce at a local farmer's market
  • Offer a pick-your-own fruit operation on your homestead
  • Raise and sell honey from beehives
  • Sell handmade soap or skincare products made with herbs and essential oils
  • Offer classes or workshops on homesteading topics, such as beekeeping or canning
  • Start a mushroom-growing operation and sell the mushrooms
  • Raise and sell rabbits for meat or as pets
  • Rent out a cabin or tiny house on your homestead as a vacation rental
  • Offer horseback riding lessons or trail rides
  • Sell handmade crafts or artwork, such as pottery or woodworking
  • Grow and sell medicinal herbs or herbal supplements
  • Offer a farm-to-table dinner experience on your homestead
  • Raise and sell goats for milk or meat
  • Sell homemade baked goods, such as bread or pies
  • Sell cut flowers to florists or through a farmer's market
  • Offer hunting or fishing trips on your land
  • Start a small vineyard and sell wine
  • Sell firewood or kindling
  • Offer hunting dog training services
  • Sell homemade jams, jellies, and preserves
  • Start a pumpkin patch and offer fall activities, such as hayrides and corn mazes
  • Offer pet-sitting or dog-walking services
  • Sell fresh or dried herbs for culinary use
  • Start a Christmas tree farm and sell trees during the holiday season
  • Offer horse-drawn wagon rides on your homestead
  • Sell homemade candles or wax melts
  • Start a small dairy operation and sell cheese or yogurt
  • Offer blacksmithing or metalworking services
  • Sell handmade knitted or crocheted items, such as hats or scarves
  • Offer guided hiking or nature walks on your land
  • Raise and sell quail or pheasant for meat or as game birds
  • Sell handmade wreaths or floral arrangements
  • Start a small-scale aquaponics operation and sell fish and vegetables
  • Offer photography or videography services, such as family or wedding portraits
  • Sell handmade soap dishes or other pottery items
  • Offer horse-drawn carriage rides for weddings or other special events
  • Start a herb garden and sell fresh or dried herbs for tea or medicinal use
  • Sell handmade birdhouses or other wooden crafts
  • Offer guided birdwatching tours on your land
  • Raise and sell sheep for wool or meat
  • Sell handmade leather goods, such as belts or wallets
  • Start a greenhouse and sell plants or flowers
  • Offer guided meditation or yoga classes on your land
  • Sell handmade wooden toys or games
  • Offer seasonal activities, such as pumpkin or apple picking
  • Sell homemade dog treats or pet toys
  • Start a small-scale maple syrup operation and sell syrup and other maple products
  • Offer guided stargazing or astronomy events on your land
  • Sell handmade baskets or woven goods

What would you pick? What hobby can you turn into income for your homestead?

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