Make Money at the Farm Market

Are you thinking about ways you can make money from your homestead? Try selling at a local farm market. There are so many ways to make money at the farm market, thinking both inside and outside the box.

produce at farm market

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Make Money at the Farm Market

Bringing in extra money to bump up your bottom line requires putting your creativity to work. If you can open your mind wide to the possibilities that might exist in your backyard or even within your skillset, you’ll be amazed at the enjoyable and unexpected ways you can make money.

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Not everyone wants to head to the farm market to sell, but when you are trying to live off what you make o your homestead it is a great option for an additional income stream.

This ebook will work you through all the things you need to keep in mind when you decide you are going to sell at a farmer's market.


  • what to look for at a farm market
  • what could you make to sell
  • ideas
  • presentation
  • fees to consider
  • and MORE!

New Customers

One of the great things about selling at a farmers market is that you are going to meet new customers. People might not be aware that you sell directly from your homestead.

Create business cards and labels for your products letting new customers know how to connect with you outside of the market.

Looking for more?

The Homesteader’s Guide to Making Money is an essential guide for anyone interested in starting a homesteading business. This comprehensive guide covers everything from finding the right land and securing financing, to marketing your products and services.

You’ll learn how to start and run a successful homesteading business while avoiding the common pitfalls that can lead to failure.

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