How to Make Money from Your Homestead

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How to Make Money from Your Homestead worksheet samples

Turn your homestead ideas and dreams into reality.

Sometimes you have to think outside of the box to make money from your homestead.

You can make money from your homestead whether you have 1/2 an acre or 10 acres.

Make your homestead dreams come true.

You deserve to have your DREAM homestead.

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Discover your WHY, dig deep, and figure out how you want to homestead.

Includes worksheets that will help you write specific and attainable goals for what you want to accomplish.

How to Make Money from Your Homestead worksheet samples
Make money at the farm market sample pages


You’ll also get this Farmers Market cheat sheet.

Learn everything you need to make money at the Farmers Market, from picking an idea to presentation. The farmers market is a great way to add to your homestead income.

What you’ll learn…

Homesteading from Scratch

Passion to Profit

Homestead Niches

Time & Business Tips


What People are Saying

The Homesteaders Guide To Making Money is a great book to get your money making ideas flowing. There’s always so much to do and think about on the homestead that sometimes it’s hard to see the forest behind the trees, but this book helps you look at things differently and guides you through figuring out how you can take what you’re already doing to make money.
If you’re anything like me, you’ve dreamed of owning a homestead since you were a kid. But it always seemed like something that was out of reach, something that only other people could do. This guide is so easy to read through and breaks everything down for you and there are great worksheets. I am so excited to put some of the ideas to work.
Kelly Caratenuto Reci
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We are a family of five. We have been becoming more independent, and self-sufficient.

Now is the time to get your dreams started. And get started the right way and make money from your homestead.

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