Making Money on A Small Homestead

You most definitely can make money on a small homestead if you want to, and you put in the work to do so.


Sell your chicken, quail, or duck eggs as farm-fresh eggs. Sell hatching eggs too!


I start our incubators going in February and until the beginning of August. We sell chicks from $5-$10 each, unsexed.

Backyard Plant Nursery

House plants are popular with everyone. Plant some extras of vegetables that you are starting for yourself.

Start a Blog

You don’t have to sell your soul or push products, you just have to write content that readers find useful.

Make Soap

Local shops sell handmade soaps for $6 per bar, and prices on Etsy are pretty similar.

Sell Baked Goods

The key to doing well with baked goods lies in the planning process. You need to know your production costs, how long it will take to produce a product, and what you want to sell it for.

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