Medical Kit for Chickens

I never thought about needing a medical kit for chickens. Everything in it, so far, has been things that we have needed.

There is no limit to what you might have to deal with when it comes to owning chickens.

Maybe you already have some of these things in your house, I didn't.

One item that we have found to be extremely useful, which I never would have imagined I would be using with my chickens was sugar. Granula white sugar.

Apple cider vinegar can be added in small doses to your chickens' water. It can be used to treat respiratory issues, maintain the immune system, and support gut health.

It is important to be prepared for what might happen. Having a few things on hand can save you not only time but worry.

If gives me a tote to use at a moment's notice if I need to get a chicken a warm soak too.

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