Naturally Hatching Chicken Eggs

When it comes to backyard chickens, naturally chicken hatching eggs is an incredibly rewarding experience. It's easy to do when you let nature more or less take care of everything.

First, not all chickens are going to sit on eggs. And there are some that excel at sitting on and hatching eggs and caring for chicks.

Brahma – brilliant mothers and a big plus is their size, place for up to 20 eggs! Silkie – are amazing mothers but do not have that much space

If you have never had a hen go broody, you might be concerned about her behavior. Sitting in the nesting box all day, she'll get a bit nippy with you and possibly other hens. If you want her to hatch eggs for you, this is the time you want to get some eggs under her!

You should move the mother hen and her eggs to a separate coop and nesting area before the chicks are due to hatch. There are a couple of reasons for this.

1. safer for momma hen – other hens won't pick on her or try to steal her eggs 2. safer for chicks – once the chicks hatch having them all in a separate area is safer for the chicks to explore without risking a hen or rooster attacking them. Momma hen will do her very best to protect them.

You might not see chicks on day 21.  They might take a day longer, or they might hatch early. She is going to hide those little chicks from you.

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