Raising Coturnix Quail on Your Homestead

Welcome to our guide to raising Coturnix quail! Here, you'll find a collection of articles and resources that will help you get started with raising these delightful birds.

There are very distinct advantages to raising quail instead of chickens. The biggest difference is their size and everything that comes along with it.

I had never thought about raising quail as something we would have, and enjoy having in our yard and on our small homestead.

Hatching Coturnix quail is very similar to hatching chicken eggs. But everything is sped up a little.

You should continue to feed your adult quail a feed that is higher in protein if you are raising your quail for eggs.

The general rule of thumb is 1 square foot of space per bird. Most people raise quail in battery cages and this works well for cleanliness and egg collection.

Any time you use quail eggs as an alternative ingredient to regular eggs, you should use three to four of them instead of one standard chicken egg.

The nifty thing about quail is that you don’t typically have to choose between two different quail breeds to have both meat and eggs.

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