Guide to Raising Quail

Inside: Discover the Ultimate Guide to Raising Quail and unlock the secrets to successfully raising these fascinating birds. Get started today!

When you decide to get animals you do your research, you learn everything you can about them. I had never thought about raising quail as something we would have, and enjoy having in our yard and on our small homestead.

Coturnix Quail

Advantages of Raising Quail

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Why did we decide to get quail ourselves? They lay sooner. We were not sure where we could be in a year, and everything about quail fit that timeline.

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Advantages of Raising Quail

Easy to Raise

Quails are very small-sized birds and they are very easy to raise. They need less care and management, and thus very easy to care for them.

Low Maintenance

Quails generally don’t require high maintenance. They are smaller sized and do not need too much space for moving around. Although regular maintenance is the key to success in the quail farming business.

You can buy wire bottom cages and roll away (egg) bottoms to keep maintenance even lower.

2 pharaoh quail and a white quail in a cage

Quail are Hardy

They are also disease-resistant birds. Although ensure you have a reliable veterinary specialist in your contact list.

They are winter-hardy. They do not require heat lamps in their coops. But be prepared for them to not use that little house you gave them. Quail will hunker down in a snowstorm rather than go in their sheltered house. I often would throw a tarp over our quail cages to give snow or rain out of their cages for this reason.

Just expect to see a reduction in egg production due to a lack of natural sunlight.

Advantages of Raising Quail - two quail in cage

Quail Products Are Healthy and Delicious

Both quail eggs and meat are of exceptionally high quality, nutritious, and delicious also. And both meat and eggs are gaining popularity quickly because they provide important minerals and vitamins.

Quail eggs have 2% more protein than chickens and higher levels of vitamins and nutrients.

Compared to eating chicken, eating quail is better for you because quail meat is higher in vitamin C and iron. Quail gives you vitamin A whereas chicken does not. And quail also gives you more minerals and amino acids than chicken meat. 

High Demand

Quail products have a very high demand in the market. Quail eggs and meat are low in fat and high in protein. And both are gaining popularity fast.

Eggs for hatching and quail chicks are both in high demand as people want to raise their own birds.

The Coturnix quail is a versatile and delicious bird that can be raised for both meat and eggs. This ebook will teach you everything you need to know about raising these amazing animals, from feeding and housing to health and care.

Self-Sustaining Business Idea

Quail could make for a self-sustainable business opportunity, and this is the most attractive part of raising quails. Quails generally reach maturity within 6 weeks of age.

They start laying eggs at about 6 weeks of age. This means you can start selling a portion of the eggs and get a quick return on your initial investment.

We actually started getting eggs at 5 weeks with three of our female quail and then at 6 weeks our fourth quail started laying.

You can consider keeping some fertile eggs for hatching. And you can start doubling or tripling your production figures if you raise the birds in the right environment. – We are in the process of collecting eggs for incubation.

quail in cage with Guide to Raising Quail text overlay

Raising Quail Require Less

With smaller birds comes a smaller footprint. Less space is required for their coop/hutch. They need about 0.5-1 square foot of space. If you are looking for easy cleaning you can give them wire flooring, their waste will fall through it. However, remember to give them an area for dust bathing. This is how they keep themselves clean and bug-free.

Less food is required due to their size. They also enjoy weeds and grass from your yard and garden.

We currently have our quail in a double rabbit hutch. Male on the bottom, female (and one male) on the top.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many quails should I start with? 5 is a perfect number for a beginner quail-keeper to start with. Four hens and a rooster, if you want fertilized eggs.

    How much room do quail need? During the 4-6 week period the birds need at least . 25 square foot per bird and at 6-12 weeks of age the birds need at least . 75 square foot per bird.

    How long does it take for a quail to grow full? Quail are full-grown at six weeks!

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