How to Keep Quail Warm in Winter

Inside: Quail are hardy birds, but they are still susceptible to the cold without proper shelter and nutrition. Keeping quail warm in winter is easy.

Winter is a time when birds need extra attention and care to keep them safe and healthy. Quail are no exception. Quail are hardy birds, but they are still susceptible to the cold if they don't have proper shelter and nutrition. Keeping quail warm in winter is easier than you think.

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How to Keep Quail Warm in Winter

Quail are hardy little birds. They are compact making them able to survive in colder winter temperatures. There isn’t a lot that you need to do to care for them differently than chickens.

Raising quail during winter is about keeping them out of the wind rather than keeping them warm.

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Proper Nutrient

Make sure your quail are getting enough protein. This is key to keeping quail warm. Make sure your game feed has at least 25-27% protein.

You can also give them scratch grains. Scratch grains are high in protein as well and great for birds to have later in the afternoon before a cold night to help boost their body heat.

Provide Additional Bedding

Winter is the time to provide your birds with additional bedding. Give them some extra straw and pine shavings. They can make their own bedding and nests in the materials.

We also give them fur tree branches, and Christmas wreaths after we're done with them. These are great for blocking the cold winter wind.

Provide Shelter

We have always had our birds in cages with at least two solid sides for a windbreak. You can also give them a house to take shelter in if they decide to use it.

You can make one out of cardboard boxes. You can buy a house meant for small animals such as rabbits. Or, as we did, we had a rabbit hutch with an enclosed space already.

Use A Heat Lamp

I do not use electricity in my chicken runs, coops, or quail cages. You totally can. It's a personal choice on how we handle cold weather on our homesteads. You can definitely add a heat lamp to your quail cages. Just make sure to keep everything safe.

When you add heat to your coop you run into two risks: fire, and when the power goes out, your birds are going to be shocked without the heat.

You can also bring them into the house, or basement if you will. Without full-day sunlight, you aren't going to get eggs from your quail.

By providing adequate shelter, insulation, heat sources, and proper nutrition, you can keep your quail warm, safe, and comfortable throughout the winter season. Monitoring your quail's behavior and health is crucial, as this will help you make necessary adjustments to their care as the weather changes. With the right preparations, your quail can thrive even in the chilliest of winters.

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