Blue Celadon Quail

The Blue Celadon Quail belong to the Coturnix quail family and possess a unique recessive gene, known as the celadon gene, that bestows their eggs with an exquisite blue hue, often embellished with brown speckles.

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Blue Celadon Quail

Celadon layers can come in an assortment of colors. Flocks consist primarily of White, Tibetan, Rosetta, Scarlet, and Red Range as well as tuxedo varieties of these colors. So you cannot judge them by their beautiful feathered exterior.

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Caring for these Coturnix quail is no different than caring for your garden variety quail. They require the same amount of protein in their feed, safe housing, and have the same short lifespan.

Hatching Your Own Blue Celadon Quail

First things first, you must begin with the correct genetic ‘paint palette’ to work with. You’re going to need a small covey of celadon Coturnix quail that you can be certain hatched from celadon blue eggs.

To do this you can purchase the hatching eggs and hatch them yourself or find a breeder who will let you view the discarded eggshells of the chicks you are purchasing. Find someone you can trust. Speckled celadon quail eggs may be a bit more rare.

Breeding Your Own

Things can get a bit tricky when it comes to hatching eggs from your celadon-laying hens.

You'll want to focus on the eggs that have some speckling on them, even if it's just a little bit. Some of the eggs might look smooth and blue, which is totally fine, but keep your eyes peeled for the ones with those cute brown speckles.

The goal is to hatch a male chick from one of these special eggs so you can have your very own speckled celadon breeding rooster.

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Continue hatching from the most speckled eggs and back-breed to the rooster. Quail can handle some inbreeding for a few generations to set certain traits.

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