11 Facts About Quail

Inside: From unique behaviors to diverse species, explore these fun facts about quail and the surprising traits of these delightful birds.

When we first started on this homesteading journey I wanted quail. That was my main goal for our beginning. Blake wanted chickens, I wanted quail. Quail were a little harder to find, but I fell head over heels with them the moment we got them. Here are some of my favorite fun facts about quail.

baby quail in brooder with text overlay

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Fun Facts About Quail

We did a lot of research before we got our first quail. But there is only so much research you can do, and you'll still not learn everything.

Last autumn I was getting a little burnt out on birds, too much hatching for friends, and I seriously considered getting rid of my quails. And then they reminded me just how cute and fun they are. I love the male crow so much, I smile every time I hear it!

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Many Species

There are many species of quail, including the Coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, California quail, and Gambel's quail. There are over 130 species of quail!

They Look Dead When They Sleep

After more than two years you would think I wouldn't panic every time I see a quail laying in its brooder or cage like they are dead. (Fact: They don't actually look dead when dead.) They just like to sleep all stretched out.

How to Take Care of Baby Quail - How baby quail sleep

They Walk Backwards to Poop

The quick backward shuffle you see from time to time is the quail eliminating. I’m not sure why, but it is what it is. I'm not sure why but there it is.

Eggs Just Pop Right Out of Them

Quail don't necessarily nest. Eggs just pop right out of them as if nothing happened.

Quail just pop out eggs as they walk along. My quail’s favorite location is in their dusting material while they dust themselves. You never know where you'll find an egg in their cage. Sometimes I get lucky and they leave a little pile of eggs but it's not often.

They Are Acrobats

These little birds pop and bounce all over the place. And they LOVE tunnels. Our quail will crawl into our sleeves when we reach into their cage. They will run into your hand and even push others out of the way to get into your hand.

Advantages of Raising Quail - two quail in cage

They Cry When You Leave

Never have you heard such a woeful sound. After visiting the brooder or giving out treats to the full grown quail, they will cry upon your departure. Often it starts with one, but others will join in. Before you know it, there is a whole flock of crying quail. They make an adorable sound.

The Roosters Seem to Surprise Themselves

When young male birds first crow, they almost seem surprised by this newly acquired ability. With quail, this surprise never goes away.

The Coturnix quail is a versatile and delicious bird that can be raised for both meat and eggs. This ebook will teach you everything you need to know about raising these amazing animals, from feeding and housing to health and care.

Quail are Social Birds

Quail are highly social birds and often live in groups called coveys. These coveys provide protection, enhance mating opportunities, and allow for easier foraging.

Quail can Fly

Although quail can fly, they are better at running. Their wings are short, and they prefer to use their strong legs to navigate their surroundings quickly.

They often go straight UP, at least 6 feet in the air, and then land. When they land they take a moment before they will take flight again. This gives you a chance to grab them before they get away if one gets out of their cage.

person holding a coturnix quail

Quail are Adaptable

Quail have adapted to different climates and can withstand harsh conditions. They just hunker down in bad weather versus going into a house like chickens. The same goes at night as well. They do not return to their “coop”.

Quail Have Cute Round Bodies

Quail are characterized by their plump bodies, short legs, and round shape. Many species have unique patterns and colors on their feathers, which help them blend into their surroundings.

large egg and quail egg in hand

Egg in No Time

Quail only take 5-7 weeks to lay eggs after they hatch! That means you can be eating their fresh eggs in just over a month after getting them. They lay about 300 eggs a year! While yes they are small, you can have more birds to make up for the egg size.

Bonus Fun Fact About Quail

They seem born on the run. It's said that they are born knowing that they taste damn delicious and are always on the go trying to stay alive. The babies will run around the incubator with the egg still attached to them.

I have had many friends decide to get quail after hearing me talk about them and seeing them on our homestead. They are a definite favorite of mine. Many fun facts about quail make them both interesting and fun to own.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do quail eggs taste like? Given that you feed the quail a commercial game bird feed, the eggs will taste the same as chicken eggs. They do have a larger egg yolk to egg white ratio than chicken eggs.

    Can you free range quail? The direct answer is “no”. Quail do not roost in the same place each evening, so if you release them they are not coming back.

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