Raising Turkeys and Chickens Together

You might be wondering if you can or should be raising turkeys and chickens together. The answer is yes!

Turkeys and chickens can forage in the same areas without issue assuming you have a large enough area for them to free-range in.

If you try to pin them in a run, you are going to need a large run.

They have different nesting habits, so it's important to provide separate nesting areas for each.

You can place the turkey feed higher up where your chickens can't reach it, just hang it higher.

Keep an eye on the birds to make sure they're getting along and there aren't any issues with aggression or bullying.

Turkeys are huge in comparison to most chickens. There can be some trouble.

With a bit of planning and attention to their needs, you can create a harmonious environment where these two species can coexist and thrive.

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