Raising Turkeys & Chickens Together

If you're interested in raising poultry on a free-range farm, you might be wondering if you can or should be raising turkeys and chickens together. The answer is yes!

Turkeys and chickens can coexist peacefully and even benefit from each other's company in a free-range setting.

Turkeys and chickens both need ample space to roam and forage. Aim for at least 10 square feet per bird.

You can place the turkey feed higher up where your chickens can't reach it, just hang it higher. Assuming you have chickens smaller than your turkeys.

You are going to have some pecking order fights, some feather pulling, etc. It's normal. It will happen in a run with your chickens alone.

Raising turkeys and chickens together can be a great way to diversify your free-range poultry farming operation.

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