Frugal Living Tips from the Depression Era

One way to do that is to practice some of these depression era frugal living tips. It's a way of life that’s focused on spending money wisely.

Frugal living is an important practice for businesses, families, and individuals alike, and practicing it can have a huge impact on your wallet and your bottom line.

Starting a garden of fruits and vegetables that you and your family will eat is a great way to stretch your grocery budget.

Make a point of only buying the items if you truly need or use them. Just because you have a coupon for something doesn't mean you need to buy it.

You can get great deals when you buy in bulk. It can also help to go in on items with another family to help offset both the cost and the amount you will have.

In the past, nothing was thrown away; everything had a second or even third life.

Instead of running out to the grocery store, check your pantry first. Meal plan around the items you already have.

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