Breaking a Broody Hen

Let's discuss a few easy ways to break a broody hen and get her back to being a productive laying hen.

 Be sure to remove eggs from under the hen regularly and, if possible, pick her up and set her away from the nesting area while you collect them.

Create a separate environment for her using a small portable coop or crate. Removing her from the nesting boxes and eggs could help get her out of the broody mindset.

Putting her in a cage with a wire bottom, open to the air, can help cool her underside and disengage her from the broody feeling.

Some people slip a few ice cubes under a broody hen a couple of times a day, which can result in cooling her temperature and making her “nest” undesirable.

Similar to the ice cube method, some people have found success by simply dunking the hen’s underside in a shallow dish of cool water.

One more thing you might want to try is simply letting a hen hatch out eggs. You can give her eggs that are near hatching, and let her finish out the incubation process.uis. 

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