Incubating Apps for Tracking Incubation

Inside: Discover the convenience of incubating apps for precise egg management. Track turns, candling, lockdown, and hatch dates effortlessly.

I have hatched without using incubating apps, and it works great, just as great as hatching with incubating apps. The best part about using an app to help track incubation is that you don't have to keep counting forward and backward as you figure out hatch dates.

Incubating Apps for Tracking Incubation - eggs in incubator with text overlay

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Incubating Apps for Tracking Incubation

The thing about using an app when incubating is that it makes it easier in the long run to keep track of the little things. You don't have to count forward and backward to know when to candle eggs when to start incubator lockdown, or to know when you should expect your eggs to hatch. It's not fun wasting time like that and stressing about it.

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Incubating Apps to Check Out

Hatchabatch – Choose or set your bird species, browse the guides, and select key milestones and reminders from start to hatch date. They have many different bird species to choose from.

Get daily tips and reminders. Track multiple batches concurrently, learn incubation principles as you progress, and gain savvy insights as you tap, swipe, and save your successful hatched batches.

This is the incubating app that I use on our homestead. A bonus of being free.

Incubating Eggs Apps

EggHatcher – EggHatcher helps you keep track of your bird incubations, either in an incubator or under your brooding birds.

The app comes preloaded with over 450 varieties of birds, including incubation and hatching temperatures, incubating and hatching relative humidities, and calculates approximate corresponding wet-bulb temperatures.

Poultry Assist – Poultry Assist is a must-have application for those who are using incubators for egg hatching. The app reminds you of the day of hatch through the Google calendar.

It educates with the advanced methods in egg selection, pre-incubation, and post
incubating process in detail with clear image guidance.

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HatchKeeper – HatchKeeper is egg incubation software designed with the hobbyist hatchery in mind. This app makes it easier to keep track of multiple batches and with the schedule hatch feature, staggered batches become easy to manage, even if they are of different types such as chicken and turkey.

Hatch Master – Hatch Master is an app to help you manage the day-to-day running of your hatchery and incubators using any smartphone. This app also allows you to track brooders. Great for when you have a few hatches/brooders on the go.

incubator with eggs in it

Cluck-ulator – Keeping chickens has never been easier. Just enter a few bits of information and the Cluck-ulator™ helps you choose chicken breeds and manage your flock. Perfect for both new chicken owners and egg-sperts, the Cluck-ulator is five great tools in one.

FlockPlenty—Chicken Egg Tracker – Now it's fun and easy to track the health of your flock. Learn how your chickens grow and identify potential problems with clear and insightful graphs of eggs and feed. Take pictures and notes so you remember those special moments as your cute little chicks become laying hens.

Do you need an app on your phone to help you track incubating your eggs? Nope. Does it make things easier? Yup. And that's why I try to use them. I don't always remember to set the apps right away but most allow you to backdate.

I find it super helpful to use the app when I have more than one hatch happening. With everything else that is going on in life, it's easy to forget things like when to put an incubator into lockdown.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I start incubating? Gather the needed supplies: fertilized eggs and an incubator! Learn about incubating that species of eggs because different birds have different needs. For example: chickens take 21 days while coturnix quail take 18 days.

    What happens if eggs don't hatch in 21 days? If eggs don't hatch after the 21-day incubation period, it typically indicates that they were not fertilized or that the embryos did not develop properly. If I know eggs were developing on lockdown I leave them for a couple more days to give them a chance.

    How long can you hold eggs before incubating? If eggs need to be stored before they go into the incubator, they must be kept below room temperature. Fresh eggs up to five days old

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