Chicken Starter Kit

A chicken starter kit can be a way to get everything you need in one go, but they aren't all created equal.

What you need is going to be different depending on the age at which you get your birds.

Chicks, up to 6 weeks or so need a source of heat. – brooder – heat lamp or heating plate – thermometer – waterer – feeder – chick feed – we use medicated – bedding – we use pine shavings

Pullets, don't need heat. Pullets are young hens, often not yet laying. They need feeders and waters with lay pellets.

Pullets are going to be outside in a coop and a run, or free range. An important thing they also need is a nesting box as well.

Chickens love to roost. They won't use it right away, but around 5-6 weeks you'll notice them starting to jump up on it.

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