Backup Power for Your Incubator

Having backup power for your incubator is a must. You don't really think about it until it is too late and you lose an incubator of eggs.

Not everyone lives where power outages are a big concern, I understand and know this.

An inverter: You could do this two ways: car battery with an inverter or buy a converter for your vehicle.

UPS Battery Backup Surge Protector: Marketed toward computers, this would be the best backup power option for your incubator in my option.

Generator: We invested in a used generator for our home last winter just in case we needed it.

If you do lose power, cover your incubator with a warm blanket and move it, if possible, into a warmer area of your home.

Spring is usually a safe bet for incubating, and honestly, my best time to hatch getting them out of their brooders into warm coops and runs.

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